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Oh, what a weekend it was! :p

Congratulations to the winners, and a big shout out to all of you who participated in the event! We had a lot of fun on each and every server.

And I would especially like to give a HUGE THANKS to our absolutely amazing team of volunteers who played all of your Private Otters. There was a good deal of craziness behind the scenes, which we tried to keep hidden from you all -- did we succeed? Lol, don’t answer that. But the point is, we had people dropping everything at the very last second to jump in and help out with zero advance notice. There were volunteers in Europe, for example, playing Otters at 2am in the morning their time on the US servers. How amazing is that?

Anyway, I can tell you that I was blown away by the love and generosity of the many, many, volunteer players in our community, and their desire for you all to just have a good time. Once again, I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand just how truly special our community is here. Thank you, volunteers, sincerely. :)

And the winners were…..


First Place:
Team Ahmed
  1. Sovestb
  2. Kalomar
  3. Brandon Stark
  4. Dr Grijande
Second Place: Team Sinbad
  1. FinalFlash
  2. Danger Zone

Third Place: Team Aladdin
  1. Neia
  2. LeFox
  3. IoOvOo
  4. Raphael Lenglet


First Place: Team Sinbad

  1. Bloodrose6
  2. Neloria
  3. Eowydn

Second Place: Team Ali Baba
  1. Janye
  2. Skurge
  3. HeavenlyStar
  4. Lokai bend
  5. Jiraki

Third Place: Team Jafar
  1. Moonshade
  2. VanaR
  3. Zaen
  4. Guenu


First Place: Team Cassim

  1. Anthony1ato
  2. Sazerac

Second Place: Team Ahmed
  1. Vordigan
  2. Songlark
  3. ParakeetFeet

Third Place: Team Jafar
  1. Zordon
  2. Topazgyrl
  3. Smile Stone
  4. Piller Plate
  5. Seitherion


First Place: Private Jafar

  1. Howler Sissis
  2. Jordie
  3. Miss Spell
  4. Odd Ostrich

Second Place: Team Maruf
  1. Malkova
  2. Maliyeh Yeleneth
  3. MysticAngel
  4. Earthshield
  5. Leinad Ironwolf

Third Place: Team Yunan
  1. Garrot Jaxx
  2. Annie Oakley
  3. Joona
  4. Shlarby
  5. BrandonVR


Royal Guardian
Jenny The Brave ...
Android, PC
Super fun, as usual :)

Stella StormSong

Royal Guardian
How about a Thank You to Sarah.. for giving up her weekend, for spending hours in-game and hours & hours of time behind the scenes. These events require lots of planning, organizing, writing, communicating, managing, arranging, juggling, thought and effort. And lets not forget the dozens & dozens of cash-shop items given out to winners and participants.


Android, PC
Congratulations everyone! Super fun! Thank you Sarah and all who hosted (y)


This was an amazing event, tons of fun. I've been telling everyone I can about how much fun it was. It took a ton of effort from the Mad Otters and I can't believe how many people participated. Hurrah!
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