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What a great week of contests this was! There were sooooooo many truly fantastic entries, and having to select was a nightmare. Big thanks to the Event Committee for all of their careful deliberations, and for taking the time this deserved. And a HUGE THANKS to all of you, participants. This was some of the best work I've seen in a long time. Hats off to you all! :D And of course, congratulations to the winners!

Baking Contest
  • First Place = Schlakati
  • Second Place = Grimm615
  • Third = Eisprinzessin

Movie Scene Contest
  • First Place = RuRu and Yu Yu
  • Second Place = Mutsie
  • Third Place = Sarah05

Joke Contest
  • First Place = SKAAVEEK
  • Second Place = Missa
  • Third Place = Jelani

Love Poems Contest
  • First Place = Impresario
  • Second Place = Elissandro
  • Third Place = Salrond

Where in the world is that egg contest
  • First Place = Zar
  • Second Place = Rohana
  • Third Place = Nestor Power
  1. You are at 175 -100 112 in Elk Meadow. It is at the waterside, near the water turner
  2. You are at 19 -261 322 in Addict's Ascent. Right beside the telepad
  3. near the telepad in Kingsport, on the side of all the stalls
  4. on the left of the Ardent City portal in Marigold Harbour
  5. Underneath the bridge in Elk Meadow, which has Saskia Elli and Zakhar Elli on it, the couple bickering about what is harder to kill, Tuskermoon or Molekin
  6. The Hayes Family Farm (at the mill) in Dagmar Strand

Winners will be sent all of their prizes tomorrow. (Tuesday 16th.) Also, if you won a mount of choice, please send me a pm on the forums with your selection. Thank you! :)
Thanks for creating the contests. Watchin other participate been a blast.
also Thank you for liking my poems. It was the Loads of fun creating them.
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Congrats and thank you!
Would it be possible to show the winning entries? Because I entered two jokes and don't even know which one you liked :)
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So many awesome entries! The baked goods are my favorite.

No, the movie re-enactments...

No, the baked goods!

No, I can't decide!
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I loved all the entries and congratulate the winners! It must have been tough to choose, there were so many awesome entries in all contests!!


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I thoroughly enjoyed going through all of the entries, especially the movie scenes and bake-off. Huge thanks to MO and Sarah for their continued interest in community driven events!