Sarah Otter

Mad Otter Games
Hello, Everyone,

I’m going to keep this post short and simple: as of right now, please be aware that Villagers & Heroes has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for the use of autoclickers, bots, or computerized cheat programs of any kind, whatsoever!

If you are caught using one, you will be instantly banned from the game. The duration of the ban is entirely up to us, but please know that you risk being banned permanently from the game. You might get a warning first, you might not.

So, ask yourself: is cheating worth the risk of being instantly banned from V&H forever?

Our ZERO TOLERANCE policy is now officially in effect. You all stand warned. Please stop ruining the economy of the game, stop cheating your peers, stop gaming the system, and stop all of the exploits.

Thank you!


Política de Tolerância Zero para Autoclickers e Bots

Olá a todos,

Vou manter este post curto e simples: a partir de agora, lembre-se de que o Villagers & Heroes tem uma política de TOLERÂNCIA ZERO para o uso de autoclickers, bots ou programas de cheats informatizados de qualquer tipo, seja ele qual for!
Se você for pego usando um, você será imediatamente banido do jogo. A duração do tempo de banimento fica totalmente a nosso critério, mas por favor saiba que você corre o risco de ser banido permanentemente do jogo.
Você pode ou não receber um aviso primeiro.
Então, pergunte a si mesmo: a trapaça vale o risco de ser banido instantaneamente da V & H permanentemente?
Nossa política TOLERÂNCIA ZERO está agora oficialmente em vigor.
Vocês todos estão avisados.
Por favor, pare de arruinar a economia do jogo, pare de enganar seus colegas, pare de jogar com o sistema e pare todos os abusos.






如果你被抓住了,你将立即被禁止参加游戏。 禁令的持续时间完全取决于我们,但请知道您被禁止参加比赛。 你可能不会先得到警告,你可能不会。


我们的ZERO TOLERANCE政策现已正式生效。 大家都站了起来警告。 请停止破坏游戏的经济性,停止欺骗同伴,停止游戏系统,并停止所有漏洞利用。



FaunaG, Fion, FGWar, FaunaG Wi
Please stop ruining the economy of the game, stop cheating your peers, stop gaming the system, and stop all of the exploits.
and stop ruining the game for the rest of us who don't do the above mentioned things! (idk how to make an angry face so just pretend one is here)
Layla Littlenymph
PC, Steam
It seems rather obvious to me from Ms. Otter's tone that she is no more pleased than the rest of us with recent game changes.

I'm not very happy with them either, but in the 5+ years I have been playing, I have found Mad Otter to more generous than the average game producer. I imagine that they will, in time, restore such features as they are able.


Jack Of All Trades
N00B, Skrub
-most people who bot most likely use second accounts
I guess one can track the trades leading up to the main account.
People bot because they want resources without the wait.
Whats the point? Just play the game.