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Hello everyone I hope you guys are having a great day. Today I am show you how you can track your zingara on list! Now killing zingara are pretty Easy. But you can't get to the highest killing zingara achievement! How you gonna complete this achievements? Let's begin tutorial!

This tutorial work on any devices
Samsung phone
You should have Memo. Go to Memo app. And Write down all zingara names! One of the coolest feature that Samsung has that it will allow me to mark anything. So let me show you the preview!
Now Memo app has character limit! So you definitely gonna need 2nd list Once your characters reach the limit!
any devices + apple devices
Now you might be asking Faisal we don't have the Task feature on our note app. So what we gonna do? At least you can track it with Tick emoji. You gonna track it like this!
For example
Ardent City (1/2). The 1/2 mean you kill 1 out of 2!
To android users or iOS users. If you dont have task feature. You can Use Tick emoji! Which can help you to track down your zingara
For PC you need Document! Now I play this game on PC too back in early days. That was my method of tracking zingara on document
For Example
Ardent city (1/2)
Now how this is work? The green color is check! The red one is uncheck!
Now Its time to talk about how to make this List?

The list and Organization
At the beginning you have to type how many zingara did you kill? E.g
Total Zingara kill { 65 }
Now the main priority for zingara list is that you have to Organize it by Level! E.g
Zingara 《level 10 to 20》 《0/52》
《0/52》 mean there are 52 zingaras between level 10 to 20! Then go ahead Write down zones name and zingara name!
Zone name in first then write down zingara name. For example
Ardent city
Beobee level 10
Wideweaver level 10

You must give 1 space to your list so you can see it clearly!

Ardent castle (2/2) [Complete]
✔Adrica level 11
✔Salamus level 12

Now your list has to be Organized with zone level! Here is the list for all zones!

Once you kill all zingara for that zone then you have to put [Complete] Now you don't really need put Brackets! But to me it's really cool and good for decoration!
Once you expend your list to level 20 then you have to make another category for zingara and its gonna he for level 21 to 30. It just keep going!
Keep in mind my list is not complete yet! I have done this list to level 49 zingara. My list is In progress! Now if you guys are high level and dont know which zingara did you kill. I would recommend you should create your list and track your zingara on list. Keep in mind if you organize your list better you wont gonna miss counting any zingara. But if you are add numbers! Like I did. For some reason I miss count it when I open the calculator when I add total zingara. Then I fix my total killing zingara number!
This is very important. Once you kill the zingara. Immediately go to you list and Mark this zingara! Now I am struggle on which zingara did I kill in Isle Rega? I am 75% sure it was prince pyris! Now my zingara tracking list is saying that 1 zingara is untracked! Which is isle rega! This is very important. If you didnt Mark any zingara then you will immediately forget it. which zingara did you kill?
Now the final question Remain. Where do I find zingara names? Go to the wiki and copy their name and paste it on your list! Here is the link!
If you guys have any question please let ask I will answer to all of you!
Thank you!


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This is mostly requested on Us3 server. Alot of people asking me how you are tracking down your zingara and here is I finally made a tutorial! Which will help out entire community!
Edit. I will keep edit this post and add more helpful tips to it. Tomorrow I will update this post!


1 Question Came to my mind..
what about for other toon?
Do we have to create Separate List for them?
Answer: No I will make a separate tutorial for them!
But you guys didn't ask any questions. Please feel free to read my tutorial